It’s National Teacher Appreciation Week and we at Rookwood Commons and Pavilion are celebrating all week long. This annual event was founded by the National PTA in 1964 to honor the men and women that educate our students, the future of our country. Every year in May, people nationwide set aside a full week to give thanks to all our nation’s educators for all they do all school year long. Their efforts shape students’ lives and impact our society as a whole. To learn more about the National PTA’s mission and other initiatives visit the National PTA website

All of us here at Rookwood Commons and Pavilion adore our local teachers, and this year is no exception. Even though it’s important that we show our appreciation to our teachers every year, this year, more than any other year before, is a reason to celebrate. Today, we hope to inspire you, our readers, and our entire Cincinnati community to celebrate Teacher Appreciation Week with us. 

Over the past year, teachers have worked hard to keep our kids safe, managing new regulations regularly and figuring out – often on the fly – how to keep kids learning, even in unprecedented times. Their experience varied by school district, but their dedication remained the same. Throughout this past school year: 

  • Some teachers stuck with a virtual learning experience, continuing from the previous spring with a new class. 
  • Some teachers moved to in-person learning, which required them to manage strict guidelines that included masks, social distancing, and cleaning protocols. 
  • Others managed a mix of in-person and remote learning. 

All teachers adjusted to the “new normal” of educating in the middle of a pandemic. Rather than give up, our Cincinnati teachers have given their all to our students, coming up with creative solutions to keep them:

  • On-track with educational standards for their specific grade levels. 
  • Engaged in their studies, even when learning through a screen or behind a mask. 
  • Safe from spreading COVID-19. 

Given all they have managed over the past year, we believe that teachers deserve an extra special “thank you” this week. But how can you show your appreciation throughout Teacher Appreciation Week? 

  • Download the National PTA’s Teacher Appreciation Toolkit. In it, you’ll find thank you cards, stickers, certificates, and more. 
  • If you’re a parent of elementary-aged children, help them create original artwork to creatively show their thanks. Not only will this teach your children the importance of showing gratitude, their teachers will love seeing their artistic skills in action. 
  • Help them relax with an indulgent spa experience at Mitchell’s Salon & Day Spa. From massages to manicures, all teachers could use an extra de-stressor before summer break. Not sure what they’d appreciate? Make a gift basket filled with soothing fragrances from Bath & Body Works. 
  • Share your gratitude on social media. Whether you’re a parent of an elementary student, a soon-to-be high school graduate, or a college student, give your thanks publicly. Don’t forget to include #ThankATeacher. Out of school? You can still show your thanks in a post this week. In honor of Throwback Thursday, post about your favorite teacher on with #TBT. 
  • Curate a gift basket filled with delicious treats from Maverick Chocolate and Fawn Candy. If they’re more of a fan of dogs than sweets, they’ll appreciate a thoughtful gift for their furry friend from our newest store, Three Dog Bakery. 
  • Send a personal note. Whether in a letter mailed to their classroom or via email, teachers will love knowing their hard work is appreciated. 
  • Treat them to dinner with a gift card from one of our restaurants. After feeding students’ minds in the middle of a global pandemic, it’s their turn to refuel. 

No matter how you celebrate Teacher Appreciation Week, make your gratitude known. 

If you’re a teacher, all of us here at Rookwood Commons and Pavilion would like to personally thank you! Your hard work has not gone unnoticed. Thank you for all you’ve done this year for our students and community as a whole.