Have you heard the news? We welcomed our newest beauty boutique in April and we (as well as our beauty-obsessed neighbors) couldn’t be more excited. The Rookwood community used to have to battle highway traffic to get to the closest Sephora. Before Sephora Rookwood opened, Kenwood Towne Centre was the nearest location. But now, we can all enjoy easy access to our favorite beauty products in our favorite local shopping center. We are proud to bring the best of beauty to the neighborhood now that their expansive selection of makeup, hair care, fragrance and skin care now calls our shopping center home.

Sephora Rookwood brings the same incredible shopping experience Sephora shoppers expect at any other location. Beautifully lit shelves, well-organized sections, and interactive displays highlight the high-quality products that fill the local store. Since it’s conveniently located next door to Nordstrom Rack, many Rookwood customers have already made Sephora a part of their regular Rookwood shopping trip. It’s easy to add on to any shopping trip, saving you time – and endless scrolling – to find the perfect product for you. 

Sephora might be new to Rookwood, but it’s been serving beauty-minded customers across the globe for years. Sephora was founded in France and is now a multinational company. The store first came to North America more than two decades ago. And, it’s been beloved ever since. Today, it’s known throughout the world as a prestigious, luxurious retailer that’s both inspiring and inviting. Customers note how everyone feels included at Sephora, especially with their wide array of products fit for every type of person and their supportive staff that can answer every kind of question. Known as Beauty Advisors, Sephora Rookwood’s team will be there for you as you peruse shelf after shelf, ready to answer questions and provide recommendations without being pushy. 

If you’re new to Sephora, you won’t want to skip a visit to see what sets this beauty store apart from others. But, fair warning: if you’ve never stepped foot inside their doors, you may want to reserve some extra time to browse all they have to offer. Trust us, you’ll want to take your time to take it all in. Sephora carries countless top-rated, well-known brands, including their own label, so you’re sure to find what you’re looking for…and discover what you never knew you needed. 

If jumping right into the store sounds like a bit much for you, a great way to learn about Sephora and beauty care in general is with their Virtual PRO Beauty Consultations. In this one-on-one Zoom session, you’ll meet with a Sephora PRO artist, who will give you personalized beauty advice. From the best skincare regimen for your skin type to the top makeup tricks for your face shape, you’ll see Sephora’s expertise firsthand. We love how you can enjoy this service from the comfort of your home. Click here to learn more about this impressive virtual service. In addition to this private, personalized Virtual PRO Beauty Consultation, you can do all your Sephora shopping online. With easy curbside pickup, you’ll get easy access to all their products without the hassle of in-store shopping. 

We, for one, never see a Sephora trip as a hassle. In fact, we highly recommend you stop by for the full Sephora experience. Speaking of Sephora experience, if you’re looking for an in-person consultation, keep reading. Soon, you’ll be able to book your own indulgent private appointment. From facials to waxes to full-face makeup, the Sephora Rookwood team hopes to offer spa-level services soon. Stay tuned for more information about these services, which are expected to be offered starting this month. In the meantime, stay up to date on all things Sephora on Instagram @sephorarookwoodpavill.