Maverick Chocolate Co.

Phone: 513-834-8369
2651 Edmondson Road
Cincinnati, OH 45209
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Maverick Chocolate is a family owned and operated bean-to-bar craft chocolate company.

Maverick: a person who takes a stand independent of others in a group. Adj. unorthodox, unconventional, nonconformist

We dreamt of opening a family business for years. The adventure, the risk, and the freedom called to all of us. Not to mention our maverick mindset of questioning the status quo and standing up for what we believe in. Entrepreneurship was right for us, but we needed a common focus.

Over the years we’ve started a variety of businesses, but the subject was always on one person’s interest. One day in the Spring of 2013 we had an epiphany– the perfect business to fit our family.

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