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Fawn Candy

   2692 Madison Road
   Suite A12
   Cincinnati, OH 45209
   M-W, F-Sat 11AM-5PM
   TH 11AM-7PM
   Sun 12PM-5PM 
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Candy Company in Cincinnati OH

Since 1946, The Fawn Candy Company has been owned and operated by Cincinnati’s Guenther family.

In 1946, after returning from World War II, Paul “Pep” Guenther and his wife, Jean, opened a confection shop in Cheviot, Ohio. They started their business by dipping homemade ice cream for area residents. Next they began experimenting with candy making, carrying on a tradition established by Jeans’ Greek heritage.

Several years later, the Guenthers moved their candy kitchen and store to their current location in 4271 Harrison Avenue, Cincinnati, Ohio.

In 1984, the couple left the business to their four daughters, Kathy, Jackie, Jean and Jane. Pursuing the sweet taste of success the daughters opened another store at Rookwood Pavilion, 2692 Madison Road, Cincinnati, Ohio.

The sisters continue to keep it a family tradition, making the confections the old fashioned way. Selecting only the finest of ingredients and continuing to cook many of their confections over an open fire. Fawn Candies are always fresh because they continue to to make small batches in their candy kitchen daily.

The sisters continue to keep the confections current by offering a line of decadent Truffles, Braggs and Gourmet Apples. Their newest offering is Chocolate Covered Bacon!

Fawn Candy today is still being run by the girls and they have welcomed their children, their nieces and nephews and grandchildren to continue on the family tradition.

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