Crisp autumn air has begun to grace our fair city. We are so eager to welcome this early autumnal shift after one muggy Midwest summer. We’ve loved seeing an influx of shoppers stroll in directly from the Wasson Trail. September is sure to be no different, especially as the leaves on the trees lining the trail begin to turn.

We can’t wait to enjoy all that autumn has to offer. Luckily, we have plenty of natural areas within reach that provide socially distant activity. That’s why we’re featuring REI, our favorite recreational retailer for this month’s spotlight. This outdoorsmen and women paradise has everything you need to enjoy the great outdoors all season long no matter your speed, strength, or style. Stop in for:

  • Not-so-basic camping supplies, like tents that sit on the top of your car and gadgets that guide your way and make your camping experience a bit easier. They carry so many camping supplies – you’ll be amazed at the comfort and luxury their products can bring to the campsite. REI can help you transform a standard campsite into a total outdoor paradise complete with comfy air mattresses, fully functioning stove, and easy-to-pack furniture.
  • Hiking gear for hikers of all types, from the most seasoned hikers that are looking for quality hydration packs to family-friendly packs fit with baby carriers. REI even sells everything you’ll want to carry in your pack for your hike. The obvious necessities are always in-stock, like first aid, bug protection, and packable food. But you may be surprised by all they offer that will make the journey even more enjoyable, including comfortable hiking boots for you and grippy booties for your pup.
  • Cycling necessities for all types of terrain with everything from mountain bikes to road bikes. In just a few aisles you’ll discover high-tech attachments, advanced safety equipment, and storage packs for your rides and the bike rack to take you to the head of the trail. Soon enough, you’ll wonder how you ever rode the Wasson Trail without them.
  • Indoor activity-approved staples for the homebody’s. From yoga gear for your virtual yoga class to everyday loungewear that doubles as workwear, REI has you covered even on rainy fall days.

If you expect your fall to be filled with all sorts of adventure, especially after making it through a year of being relatively cooped up, we highly recommend signing up to be an REI Co-op member. A one-time twenty dollar membership fee gets you a lifelong membership that gets you all sorts of perks, including special sales, classes, and 10% member dividend. Trust us on this one, you’ll see the benefit after just one trip to the checkout counter.

Speaking of the checkout counter, when you stop by the store, you can trust that you’ll be shopping safely at their Rookwood Commons & Pavilion location. Like all our stores, they have put great effort into creating more space in the store for shoppers to browse and creative solutions to keep everyone well. Their safety protocols include:

  • Limiting the number of people allowed in the store at once to adhere to social distancing standards.
  • Requiring employees and customers ages two years old and older to wear face coverings. Don’t worry if you forget one, they have disposable masks available.

Keep in mind, if you are someone that prefers to shop online, you can take advantage of their convenient in-store pickup option. You can find your favorite products on their website and pick up at their Rookwood Commons and Pavilion store for a quick, local trip with minimal contact.

From the shortest “staycation” in one of the Tri-State’s great parks to a complete retreat at a national park, REI has it all. Start your adventure the next time you visit Rookwood Commons and Pavilion at REI.