Now that the rush of the new year has passed and we’re settled back into routine, we at Rookwood Commons and Pavilion can’t wait to get started on all those resolutions we set January 1st. The good thing is that many of our resolutions can be met right here in our community. We are so excited for another year at the Commons and Pavilion, especially with the newest addition to Rookwood: West Elm.

The Cincinnati community has been awaiting the arrival of a nearby West Elm store.  Before their Rookwood grand opening, we Cincinnatians had to travel to Columbus to get our West Elm fix. Not only is the new location’s proximity to all parts of the Tri-State ideal, visiting the store is an experience in and of itself. 

Have you been able to stop by the new Rookwood West Elm? If so, you know how their space inspires and delights with endless decor and furnishings. With nearly 12,000 square feet of gorgeous furniture and home decor, you’re sure to find a piece or two (or twenty) that will help give your home a fresh feel for the new year. 

If you haven’t stopped in the store yet, keep reading to get to know West Elm before your first visit. 

West Elm first opened its doors in Brooklyn in 2002. Since then, they have expanded to more than 85 U.S. cities and across the world, including Canada, Mexico, Australia, the UK and the Middle East. No matter where you shop, West Elm carries everything from furniture to lighting, pillows to mirrors and more, 90% of which is made in-house. 

West Elm is a branch of Williams–Sonoma, which you’ll be able to notice immediately. But at West Elm, they focus on making beautiful, modern design more affordable to help all customers express their personal style at home. 

Not only do they want to help each individual customer, West Elm wants to impact their customers’ surrounding areas, too. We at Rookwood Commons & Pavilion love to support our local communities, which is why we are so happy to have West Elm in our collection of shops. Yes, they are an international brand, but they’re committed to the communities they serve. In fact, they empower store managers to tailor each store’s inventory to their local makers to improve the lives of artists, nurture talent, and help small businesses grow. 

Not only does West Elm strive to take care of their local communities, they are also committed to their global suppliers, too. And, they have been for quite some time. In fact, in 2014, West Elm became the first U.S. home retailer to carry Fair Trade Certified™ products. Now, their handcrafted products are made by more than 5,000 makers from a network of more than 35 artisan groups spanning 15 countries, including many based right here in Ohio. 

In addition to their exceptional care for their creators, West Elm keeps their global impact top of mind, too. They carry products made with organic fabrics, as they are proven to be better for our bodies and the environment. The organic textiles West Elm carries are certified to meet the standards set by the Global Organic Textiles Standard (GOTS) and the Organic Cotton Standard (OCS). In addition to using organic materials, West Elm prioritizes sustainable sourcing, including wood certified to FSC® standards. 

Now that you know West Elm better, it’s time you come in and make your home resolutions a reality. 

But really, no matter your resolution, we at Rookwood Commons & Pavilion want to help you make 2020 the best year yet – and really, all the 2020’s to the best decade ever. What shops would you like to see added to our center? Let us know in the comments!