Join Our Favorite Fitness Club 

We welcomed Club Pilates to the Rookwood Commons and Pavilion family nearly one year ago and ever since they opened their doors, we can’t get enough of their workouts. Have you been able to drop into a class? Now is the perfect time to give this proven method a try. From beginner level to advanced, they offer something for everyone. We had the opportunity to sit down with Owner Daniel Jackson to learn more about our newest fitness obsession.

First, let’s clarify: what is Pilates?

Pilates is a favored fitness method by the young and the old alike, from ballerinas to professional athletes. Created by Joseph Pilates in the early 20th Century to help rehabilitate detainees in World War 1, this exercise system has helped people heal from countless ailments, stretch their tight muscles, and build full-body strength. 

Jackson was initially drawn to the Pilates method after suffering from a spinal injury. With the help of the restorative – and challenging – exercises the Pilates Reformer workouts provided, he was able to completely rehabilitate himself from his injury.  

Why Club Pilates? 

Club Pilates follows the classic system created by Joseph Pilates himself, but they take this traditional fitness method up a notch and make it their own, which is what sets this Rookwood studio apart. They combine the original sequence with innovative equipment for an incredible workout unlike any other. Known as a “fusion style studio,” their classes combine both Reformer and mat work, as well as extra equipment, including a ballet barre, TRX straps, and more. Each of the class styles and equipment may vary across the 60 classes they offer every week, but every one of them provide a low-impact, effective workout. 

What drew you to Rookwood? 

Cincinnati offered a great opportunity for Jackson to spread the mission of Club Pilates. And, after working with Club Pilates in Arizona for more than four years, he jumped on the opportunity to bring the concept to the Cincinnati area. In addition to the Rookwood location, Jackson owns two more Club Pilates studios, one located in Symmes Township and another soon-to-be-open location in Kenwood. 

“We love Hyde park. Everybody here is great,” he said. 

And while the opportunity in Cincinnati was obvious, no one could have predicted how last year could have gone. 

“Everything was almost finished on March 16th of last year when the entire state shut down,” he said. 

Following lockdowns and many hours spent creating new safety measures, Club Pilates Hyde Park officially opened its doors in July 2020.

Do I need to be physically fit or familiar with Pilates to join? 

Short answer – no! All are welcome. Whether you have been taking Pilates Reformer classes for years or are brand new to the method, the team at Club Pilates takes the necessary time to familiarize every client with their method and the equipment. 

“Everyone starts at Level 1. Even if you’ve done Pilates before, it’s important to take a few level 1 first,” Jackson explained. “I still take Level 1 classes. The foundational work supports the most advanced classes.”

Following that first Level 1 class, students can progress to Level 1.5 fusion classes, then Level 2 advanced classes, and Level 2.5 master classes.”

Of course, if you prefer one-on-one attention rather than working alongside up to 11 other attendees, Club Pilates offers private training as well. No matter how many people are working out in the studio, you will feel safe and well taken care of, thanks to their expert teaching skills and socially distanced setup. 

How can I join? 

Start with an intro class. 

“It’s completely free and has no commitment to it,” he said. “We offer these intro classes 4 times per week.”

This introductory class is required for every new member. It’s an incredibly special, rare offering. Smaller Pilates studios require interested members to take a private, more expensive class before joining a group class. 

Call the studio or email to join today. We’ll see you on the Reformer!