You might know her from “Toria with Traffic,” but we at Rookwood Commons & Pavilion know her as one of our top shoppers. We love seeing her stop by our shops and eateries regularly. Toria makes Rookwood Commons & Pavilion a part of her routine for all of her errands because it’s convenient and efficient. Her Q102 office is located right on Reading, so a quick stop after work is easy to make before heading home.

“I literally plan my day around my trip to Rookwood,” she said.

Toria enjoys visiting our beautiful east-side location, thanks to the ease that the I-71 North exit provides. She frequents Victoria’s Secret, Charming Charlie’s, and DSW, to name a few. But it’s the Nordstrom Rack that she shops at the most.

“You can get some really good deals on some great clothes,” she said. “And sometimes that gets me in trouble.”

Even though Rookwood isn’t in her neighborhood, Toria says it’s still the most convenient shopping center in the area.

“It’s a one-stop shop that doesn’t require me to walk the length of a typical indoor mall,” she said. “You can run in and run out, or easily drive down to the next store on cold [or lazy] days.”

She loves how easily accessible Rookwood is from every part of the Tri-State, including her newly built home in Northern Kentucky.

“I have much bigger closets I have to fill up now,” she said.

Even beyond her closet alone, Toria has come to Rookwood to fill every room in her new home. From Home Goods to Sur La Table to Bed Bath & Beyond, it’s been easy for her to furnish and decorate at this one convenient location. With her newfound space in her larger home, only Rookwood makes it easy for her to get what she needs in one quick trip. She loves her new home, but her local community doesn’t offer the shopping options she’s after.

“There’s no outdoor malls, but there are plenty of strip malls,” she said. “Really, the only shopping I do in my neighborhood regularly is for groceries.”

Toria says she chooses Rookwood for the open-air walkability and its expansive selection of high-end retailers.

“Plus, at Rookwood, you’re not restricted to just one restaurant or mall food,” she said.

This one stop shop has helped her find things for others, too. She’s able to get the perfect gifts for every occasion, from the sentimental card at Hallmark’s to the most delicious, locally made sweets at Maverick Chocolates, and has helped her stay consistent during her health kicks with wellness-conscious spots like Whole Foods, First Watch, and Athleta.

Most might assume that with all these options, both the Commons & Pavilion might get a bit overcrowded, but Toria says there’s always space for every visitor because of the amount of shops and restaurants to choose from.

“Even on a Friday or Saturday night, it isn’t overwhelming,” she says. “Jon and I can usually walk right into The Pub with no issue because there are so many options available.”

We’re so glad Toria is a part of our Rookwood community. Why do you choose Rookwood? Let us know in the comments below!