This past weekend, Americans celebrated the Fourth of July. We hope you were able to enjoy some free time with family and friends, doing everything from watching your neighborhood’s fireworks in the sky to enjoying a bar-b-que in your backyard.

Independence Day is a great reminder of our shared freedom nationwide. But we at Rookwood Commons and Pavilion have been celebrating our freedom for awhile now. Ever since our shops and restaurants began the reopening process this spring, we’ve felt freer than ever before.

While we have loved being able to see each other with the help of technology, there’s nothing quite like running into a friend at your favorite shop…from a socially responsible distance, of course. The opportunity to browse alongside fellow shoppers is all thanks to the incredible efforts made by each shop. We are so impressed by the creativity and ingenuity that’s come from our retailers’ and restaurants’ teams. They have taken the time to study CDC recommendations and create best practices and safety guidelines fit for their businesses, have invested in gallons of disinfectants, and spend hours every day staying up on extra cleaning steps. 

With their dedicated focus on safety, we can now: 


For us, catching up at 6ft apart feels like a warm hug. Whether seeing an old friend across the aisle at Home Goods or simply sharing conversation with a cashier at DSW behind a translucent barrier, we’re loving seeing everyone out and about. To be honest, walking through the clearly marked rows of books at Joseph-Beth Booksellers and hearing the din of the crowd while enjoying a cup of coffee at Bronte Bistro is a newfound joy that we never appreciated as much before. 

Dine in.

Oh, how we’ve missed the ambiance only a restaurant can provide. We are so grateful for all the efforts that every hostess, server, and bartender has made so we all can enjoy one of our most favorite pastimes. Of course, we loved being able to enjoy our favorite restaurants’ dishes with curbside pickup and no-contact delivery. But, it just wasn’t the same. Even when going out to dinner with your pod of people you’ve been self-quarantining with, it feels extra special. 


Many of our community members stayed dedicated to their fitness regimen. CycleBar offered virtual classes throughout the stay-at-home order. And while its members were grateful for the chance to connect virtually and continue their workout routine, there’s nothing quite like the motivation that comes with working hard alongside your fellow classmates. It’s comforting and inspiring, so much so that it will help us lose that “COVID-19” weight we’ve put on. Sure, there are less people in attendance and props used in each class, but the end result is the same as it was pre-quarantine. 

Get pampered. 

The little luxury of a spa treatment feels more indulgent than ever before. We all went months with grown-out roots, unmanicured nails, and more. Then, we jumped for joy at our first appointment back. Anyone else wish they could hug their stylist in gratitude? 

Thank you to every team member for doing your part in helping to prevent overcrowding while creating an opportunity to bring our community back together again. And, thank you all for following the safety protocols each business has set in place. Honoring the simple request of wearing a mask and keeping your distance will allow us all to continue to enjoy all that Rookwood Commons and Pavilion has to offer. 

We vow to never take shopping trips, fitness classes, and dinners out for granted ever again. See you all soon – we’ll be smiling under our masks.