Cincinnati is a city for (dog) lovers. It seems like everywhere you look, you can see furry friends of all shapes and sizes wagging their tails in our neighborhood and throughout the city. They can be found strolling down Madison on family dog walks, taking long dog jogs on the Wasson Way, and now, they’re shopping at Rookwood’s perfectly puppy-friendly bakery: Three Dog Bakery. 

We welcomed Three Dog Bakery to the Rookwood family of shops and restaurants this spring. And, we – and our dogs – couldn’t be happier they’re here. Sure, some local bakers have offered dog-friendly goodies for some time, but there has never been a store quite like Three Dog Bakery in the Cincinnati area before. 

Actually, there was never a dogs-only bakery before Three Dog Bakery began. That’s this Kansas City-based bakery’s claim to fame: it was the first bakery in the world to be totally dedicated to dogs. Back in 1989, there weren’t healthy or homemade treat options available for furry family members. (This may come as a shocker to today’s pet owners, who treat their pets like one of their children.) At the time, the founders of Three Dog Bakery were looking for a treat that was delicious, healthy, and gentle enough for their rescue pup’s sensitive stomach, but there wasn’t anything available on the market. So, they took matters into their own hands and began baking their own recipes in their family kitchen. 

Over the years, the bakery grew and grew, taking the small family operation to expansive commercial kitchens to keep up with demand. But, their commitment to quality has never changed. To this day, highly-skilled pastry chefs are still crafting their treats from scratch in small batches. They use only simple, all-natural ingredients and a slow baking process to retain flavor and nutrients, making them extra tail wag-worthy. Their recipes include fruits like apples and blueberries, grains like barley and rice, healthy proteins like fish and chicken, and natural flavor enhancers like vanilla and peanut butter. 

Three Dog Bakery Rookwood is one of nearly 50 Three Dog Bakery locations that are open today. No matter which location you shop at, your pup will love the same handmade treats. But, you’ll find that no two locations are exactly alike. Three Dog Bakery Rookwood is perfectly Cincinnati. In addition to their specialty baked goods they’re known for, Three Dog Bakery Rookwood has an impressive retail offering, including: 

  • Four-legged fashion accessories for every pup’s personal style. 
  • Grooming gear that’s all-natural, easy to use, and pet-approved. 
  • Rawhide bones and other assorted chews that are safe for dogs’ teeth and tummies. 
  • Healthy dog food to make every mealtime delicious and nutritious. 
  • Dog toys, including plush toys featuring some of your favorite Cincinnati teams and Ohio State fan gear that’s fit for fall football season. 
  • Seasonal treats suited for every time of year. 
  • Gourmet pastries that taste as good as they look. 
  • Original Three Dog Bakery Pupcakes® they’re known and loved for. 
  • Personalized cakes for your fur baby’s birthday, gotcha day, successful training graduation…or any other excuse to celebrate. 

We can’t recommend a visit to Three Dog Bakery enough. You and your doggo will have a wonderful shopping experience every time you visit. You’ll love perusing the ever-changing retail offering and your pup will appreciate sampling some of their fresh-from-the-oven treats. The best part of all is the warm and welcoming staff, who will make you feel right at home and in-the-know as they help you choose the best items for your pet’s preferences and needs. And, you might even get the chance to meet the owners’ pet pup. 

Even if you’re not quite ready for an in-store shopping experience, you can still give your pet the very best with Three Dog Bakery’s curbside service. Their entire bakery is available online so you can shop any time of day from the comfort of your home. Call Three Dog Bakery Rookwood to learn more. 

If you treat your pet like family, you want to give them the very best. Look no further than the homemade treats and exciting shopping experience at Three Dog Bakery.