Celebrate Love Rookwood Commons

If you think back to this time last year, where were you? While none of us could have predicted where we would be today — or would have preferred the path it took to get here for that matter — many of us didn’t necessarily appreciate the people in our lives like we do today. In February 2020, we took the simple times of gathering for granted and overlooked the importance of regular, in-person get-togethers. Today, rather than getting stuck talking about the risk of spreading COVID, we’d like to dedicate this week’s post to talking about the reward of spreading love to all our best people. After all, if this past year taught us anything, it’s that absence really does make the heart grow fonder. 

After a year of social distancing and associating with a small number of people, we here at Rookwood Commons and Pavilion know the value of our friends and family from near and far. With the exception of our small pods of people we allow ourselves to safely meet with in person, we’ve all been connecting from afar. Chances are, your Valentine is already living with you or is a member of your pod. Why not use this Valentine’s Day to spread love beyond your partner you see every day or pod you visit with on occasion? 

Let’s start with your coworkers. If you were once office-bound and have now grown accustomed to remote work, you’ve become an expert at virtual meetings. This new way of working has made professional athleisure an everyday reality. Many have taken to wearing professional shirts on top with more comfortable, nearly pajama-worthy pants on the bottom, almost like a clothing mullet of some sort. Let’s use this Valentine’s Day to show our love for our long-distance coworkers with a gift from Athleta. Yes, you can IM or video call all day, but a stylish and comfortable ensemble from Athleta will be a gift that keeps on giving, even when you go back into the office full-time. Plus, all the pieces at Athleta transition well from work-at-home to at-home workouts. 

Not only do we miss seeing our coworkers daily, we all wish we could visit with the children in our lives more often. With the need to keep our distance from those outside of our generation still important, we have to be creative when it comes to showing our love to the little ones. Our favorite one-stop shop for kids of all ages is at Gap Baby and Gap Kids. Is there really anything cuter than miniature trendy outfits? Known for their great prices, you can get something shippable for the kids you love across the country. *Fingers crossed* you can see them donning their new apparel in person soon. 

No matter the age or how they’re associated with you, everyone in your life can use a little less screen time this month — from teachers who have become experts at “zoom school” to grandparents who have learned how to FaceTime with family, world travelers-turned-Netflix browsers to fitness instructors-turned-live-stream YouTube stars. We love that we have the beloved local bookstore, Joseph-Beth Booksellers, right in our shopping center. They have their store set up for safe browsing and convenient curbside pick-up. 

Don’t forget, February is Black History Month. So, be sure to take the time to shop to unify. While any of our shops carry gifts to show you care, what better way to unify than with a shared meal from one of the delicious restaurants at Rookwood Commons and Pavilion? We recommend you carry out shareable, family sized dishes from Buca di Beppo or sit down for a delicious steak dinner at J. Alexander’s Redlands Grill. 

A short, safe visit to Rookwood Commons and Pavilion is all it takes to give love to those you’ve missed the most over the last year. You can still safely shop for the perfect things to show your love, thanks to the many protective measures each store has taken. Let’s focus on spreading the love this month as we stop the spread of COVID.