Summer has come and gone and we are still unsure where time has gone and where we will go next, especially as we enter a new school year. Schools across the city are starting back up again. And while each school’s and each student’s plan looks a little different compared to the other, parents, students, and teachers are grateful to get back to some sort of routine after a summer of uncertainty, even if the long-term plan is still to be determined. 

Some Cincinnati-area schools are keeping everything in order with cohorts in which students and teachers are divided into distinct groups that stay together throughout the entire day of in-classroom instruction. Others are going totally virtual for all classes, activities, and events. Some are doing a mix of both. Known as “hybrid learning,” this educational style combines the best parts of in-person education and virtual learning to keep COVID-19 transmission low.

With all that being said, these are only the plans for now. Over the past few weeks, parents and children have been on a rollercoaster while preparing for back to school. Delayed start dates, ever-changing expectations, and more have made for a unique situation for back-to-school season. And even though there is a structure set in place, many wonder how long it will last. 

But as a few schools opened their doors this week, masks couldn’t hide the students’ excitement for getting back to school with friends. And, plenty of parents are excited to have the home office of their dreams, without incessant interruptions that’s plagued them since the spring semester. Of course, many schools across the Tri-State have yet to start, delaying in-person instruction to prevent a spike in spread. 

The 2020-2021 school year isn’t going to look the same as it always has. Standard back-to-school shopping trips just won’t cut it. But at Rookwood Commons and Pavilion, you can get all the things you need (and didn’t know you needed) all semester long, including:

Gifts for Teachers 
Educators in all parts of the city have been working hard to work through the unknown for months and will continue for the near future. Constantly changing mandates have made things all the more complicated. Let’s show our gratitude beyond typical trinkets. At-home teachers will love the gift of comfort in the form of a new athleisure outfit curated by Athleta or REI. In-person teachers, on the other hand, are craving a bit of support. From shoe inserts for standing instruction to a new skincare regimen that will combat the all-day mask wearing, our shops have something that every teacher could use – and appreciate. 

Family-Friendly Workspace
We’ve all been “making do” this year as we have managed work-from-home mandates and homeschooling. Chances are, your setup is less than ideal for another semester, both for at-home learners and in-school attendees. For everyone’s sake, upgrade your home workspace. West Elm has a fantastic selection of home office furniture that pair well together in a home. coworking space. If your kids do better when they study solo, Home Goods is the way to go. They’re always getting new styles in-stock that fit every one of your family members’ styles. And, at the very least, you will appreciate the improvement in your makeshift work-from-home setup. 

Home Library 
We are so lucky to have our favorite local bookstore, Joseph Beth Booksellers, in our shopping center. They have so many books in stock that will keep kids up on required reading and social distancing boredom at bay. Whether you stop by for a quick pickup or stay for a new learning scenery at Bronte Bistro, we hope Joseph Beth Booksellers is your favorite stop this school year.

No matter your plan, we are here to help you make your transition into a new school year smoother. We will continue to keep our employees’ and visitors’ safety as a top priority. Speaking of safety, if you will be sending your child back to school, the CDC has a checklist of steps to take to keep our kids healthy while learning in school. Click here for more information. 

Happy back to school, Rookwood family!